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Welcome to First Displays Inc.

Call 646-553-5355 for Questions!

We do large format 3D printing and feature a massive build platform of 6 Ft high x 5 Ft wide x 4 FT depth. Our software easily accommodates larger pieces and it adds the inner braces and structures to make it strong enough to stand. A 16 foot piece was made with this machine.

We specialize in promotional pieces – 3D props – signage – highly customized furniture and complex designs. Finished pieces can be illuminated – hand painted and used indoor or outside.

Dream BIG because we can make that dream come true. We can empower your idea, take it to a new level and make it a visual experience.

Send us your .obj or .stl format file and our skillful staff can prepare an estimate

If you have a sample or a model, we can scan it and create a printable 3D file for you to edit. We can even scan a live model. Our scanning capabilities are so advanced it’s like creating a clone only bigger.

Working with First Displays will give you far greater design flexibility.

Just need some help – please call.

3D Signage Products
  • Display
  • Light Box
  • Channel Letters
  • Bill Board
3D Services
  • 3D Scanning
  • Model Design
  • Finishing
  • Installation

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